Shoe Orthotics and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care when combined with shoe orthotics can be an extremely effective method for reducing back pain. A study conducted by the National University of Health Sciences was the first to study the benefit of shoe orthotics for reducing back pain instead of assessing how it helped reduce just foot pain.

The study was conducted for six weeks, with 225 participants. These adults were divided into three groups and the results were phenomenal. They showed that those using shoe orthotics enjoyed the most benefit in regards to reducing foot and back pain. If you are experiencing foot or back pain, you should speak with a Beverly Hills chiropractor today to learn more about using orthotics. 

Why is leg length discrepancy important?

According to many medical professionals, “determining the importance, degree of abnormality and correction for leg length discrepancies remains one of the most controversial issues in medicine today.” And while focusing on the best methods for taking measurements of length differences is, of course, important, it is also vital to first determine whether or not those differences are structural in nature or if they are functional.  When medical professionals fail to determine whether or not the differences are structural or functional, then any length discrepancy measurements will prove to be useless. 

Visit a Chiropractor to Receive Effective Treatment

There are many things that can lead to leg length discrepancies, and this is why it is so important to visit a qualified chiropractor who has experience in orthotics. In doing so, you are more likely to receive an accurate diagnosis the first time around and you are more likely to receive the appropriate type of treatment.

Contact a Beverly Hills chiropractor today and learn how shoe orthotics combined with chiropractic care can reduce foot and back pain. 

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