Here at Chiro-Integrative Health, we offer the following services:

When you visit the offices of Chiro-Integrative Health Center, you’re getting a lot more than just a chiropractor — you’re gaining access to a full range of integrative health services. This is essential to the whole-body wellness approach utilized by Dr. Beavers. We see the body as a whole entity, not a collection of separate parts that work in isolation from each other. A problem in one of the body’s systems can affect every other aspect of your health. Each of our healing modalities can make a profound positive impact on your systemic wellness, with multiple modalities producing a powerful synergistic effect. Our integrative health services include:

  • Chiropractic Care – Chiropractic care focuses on correct subluxations, misalignments within joints that can affect your posture, produce joint pain and impair your nervous system’s ability to relay signals throughout the body correctly. Our Beverly Hills chiropractor can use manual and instrument-based adjustments to restore your musculoskeletal alignment and neurological function, relieving pain, restoring balance, reducing muscular tension and improving your overall health. Our clinic combines a number of physical therapy modalities which include massage, yoga and Pilates.
  • Diabetic Wellness Program – Type 2 diabetes is a potentially devastating, even life-threatening disease, but it’s also one that can be controlled and in many cases reversed. Certified Health Coach and Diabetes Educator LaRue Palmer has devised a program called Dietbetic Healing that addresses the root causes of insulin resistance, the primary precursor to Type 2 diabetes, and a known precursor to heart disease and cancer. As your Diabetes Educator, LaRue can guide you in setting attainable health goals and teach you scientifically proven methods for controlling your diabetes with plant-based nutrition, exercise regimen and lifestyle modification. With our Dietbetic Healing program we will create a personalized diabetic wellness program for you that will help you gain control of your health and maintain it even without medication.
  • Health Coaching – Everyone can benefit from a health coach who can educate, inspire and motivate. LaRue Palmer, CHC will help you develop a healthy relationship with food and a better understanding of how food can either help you or hurt you. His motto: “Food is medicine, so let your medicine be food” exemplifies the fact that whole food that is raised and prepared responsibly can heal your body. He can evaluate your current lifestyle, diet and health condition, and then help you create an action plan to attain your best health.
  • Massage – Massage conveys a remarkable variety of health and wellness benefits, from increased range of motion and natural, drug-free pain relief to enhancement of the body’s circulatory and immune functions. Our experienced massage therapists offer combined skills in such techniques as Swedish, deep tissue, connective tissue, shiatsu and pregnancy massage.
  • Pilates – Pilates is a structured series of low-impact exercises that revolve around strengthening and reinforcing the core muscles that support and balance your entire body, including the lower abdominal, lower back and pelvic muscles. Our Pilates instructor will administer this gentle yet challenging wellness modality which can improve flexibility, while training your body to perform more optimal movement patterns.
  • Yoga – Yoga is a practice that harmonizes body and mind through conscious awareness and control of the breath, precise alignment with specific yoga postures (“Asanas”) and smooth transitions from one posture to the next. Our brilliant yoga instructor, Stephanie Thornton, can devise a personalized yoga program aimed at helping you with your specific health and wellness challenges.

Experience the Benefits of Our Whole Body Wellness Approach

Find out what our whole body wellness approach can do for your health. Call (310) 859-7696 to schedule a complimentary consultation appointment with Tyra Beavers D.C., Marlene Lopez D.C., or a complimentary health consultation with LaRue Palmer, CHC today!