Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

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At Chiro-Integrative Health Care, it is our goal to provide you with excellent care of the highest standards in southern California. We know you have a large choice in chiropractors to attend to your health care needs, which is why we work hard to earn your business and your trust every day. When you become our patient, you are more than just a number, you are a valued member of our chiropractic family, and we treat you as the unique individual you are, and honor your unique needs. That is why every treatment plan we create is customized to the individual patient; no two are alike, and our treatment plans reflect that, each and every time.

Come to Us to Solve and Relieve Neck Pain

We are experts when it comes to relieving neck pain. First, we determine the cause, which is different for everyone. Some common causes of neck pain include:

  • A pinched nerve
  • Whiplash or another soft tissue injury or inflammation from an auto accident
  • Poor ergonomics at work or at home, or even in your car, if you have long commutes
  • Too much pressure in your upper cervical area from muscle tension or other reasons, which we will identify

Once we identify the cause of the neck pain, we can treat it at its root cause. This is different than just treating symptoms, as other physicians do. We are holistic doctors, and treat pain from its source. This way, it is relieved entirely and does not come back. You are also able to avoid drugs and/or surgery to treat it when you use chiropractic care.

Contact Us Today to Make Your First Appointment

We are looking forward to helping you relieve neck pain for good. Contact us today and make your first healing appointment with us, and begin your journey back to a healthy, vibrant, pain-free life. You will be glad you did.

We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our chiropractic family. You can contact us at:

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