Benefits of Pilates

Pilates Benefits in Beverly Hills

Our chiropractors in Beverly Hills, Dr. Tyra Beavers and Dr. Marlene Lopez, are dedicated to helping you heal from your injuries and improve your overall health and wellness with chiropractic care and low-impact exercises with our pilates instructor, Tatiana Pogorelova.

Low-Impact exercises for All Ages

Pilates offers low-impact exercises that are great for all ages, including senior citizens with joint problems. In fact, if you do have joint problems, like arthritis, getting active with our low-impact exercise programs may help lower your joint pain so that you can participate in the activities you love.

Strengthens Core Muscles

Your core muscles support your spine and stabilize your entire body. These exercises have even been known to reduce muscle imbalances while targeting and strengthening your abs and back muscles.

Helps with Back Pain

If you want to lower your back pain, you should try low-impact pilates exercises with our dedicated instructor, Tatiana. It is believed that these low impact exercises help reduce back pain by strengthening the muscles in your lower back, which helps stabilize your back and reduces muscle fatigue.

Improves Flexibility

If you often find yourself stiff or not very flexible, try pilates. The exercises can help lengthen your muscles to improve your range of motion and overall flexibility.

Make Pilates Part of Your Health and Wellness Routine Today

Pilates with our instructor, Tatiana, can be a great addition to your health and wellness routine by providing you with low impact exercises that you can use to build your core strength and maintain and improve your muscle mass as you age. The low-impact exercise program can also be combined with our other chiropractic services, including spinal adjustments and massage, to help you achieve new levels of health and wellness.

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To learn more about the benefits of low-impact exercises and to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, call us at 310-859-7696. We are currently offering free 30 minute massages for all new patients.

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