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Chiropractic care is known for its use of spinal adjustments or spinal manipulations. Your spine protects your nervous system, and an adjustment which creates stimulation to the nervous systemin the in the area that was adjusted can result in a profound systemic response. The Nervous System controls every cell and every bodily function, keeping us alive, fighting off infection and disease, and healing us after a traumatic experience.

The Spinal Cord runs down the Spinal Canal and coming off the cord are exiting spinal nerves. The Vertebral Column fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Each vertebrae hooks to the one below it and in doing so creates an opening for the exiting spinal nerve to run through. This opening is called the Intervertebral Foramina. Because of it’s location, subluxations(spinal misalignments), disc bulges (herniations), degenerative boney growths, and inflammatory chemicals from nearby injured tissues can impinge and irritate the exiting spinal nerves. If this nerve irritation is not alleviated it will lead to a systemic problem and disease.

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